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2 Things You & I Want

September 5, 2011

Last week Ginger & I drove to Missouri for the weekend. This weekend we flew to California. We met many friends, saw beautiful scenery, and tried new foods.

Some of my “firsts” included: eating a duck taco from a food truck (Flying Pig), eating an IN-N-OUT burger, eating an artichoke and tasting “hula pie”.

Compared to Texas some of the differences included weather, scenery, area attractions, traffic, cost of living, accents, dress, socio-economic influences, and demographic breakdown.

Obviously the further apart we are geographically, the greater the difference. When I lived in South Korea for one year the differences were more significant.

However, despite the differences I have learned that there are two things that all of us want. No matter our language, career, educational background, income, region, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, or marital status you and I desire two things: relationships and purpose.

We are different but exactly the same.

In Scripture the early church met in houses to spread the news that Jesus was alive and made a way for others to know Him. Relationships…purpose.

Jesus deeply invested in a limited number of disciples on the way to the cross. Relationships…purpose.

Building meaningful relationships and pursuing a significant purpose is hard. But I don’t want to settle for cheap (easier) imitations.

Focusing on deeper relationships and pursuing a significant purpose should give me permission to say “no” and clarify when I should say “yes”.

Who are your meaningful relationships? How are you investing in them? What significant purpose(s) are you pursuing? Who is helping you pursue that purpose?


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