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I Have a New Job

September 7, 2011

Today I accepted the position to become the Community Life Pastor of Bible Fellowship Church in Ventura, California. That’s right California!

Ginger and I visited Ventura this past weekend. God stirred our hearts during our visit. Incredible church, people, and vision for others.

The church averages about 1,500 in weekly attendance and is led by an incredibly healthy leadership team. Pastor Daniel Hahn and his wife Lori made a strong impression on us as did the staff and elders.

My responsibilities will include creating a strong community life culture, engaging new attenders, and preaching a handful of times each year.

I had planned to announce this next week but this all moved more quickly than I anticipated. I believe that’s because God has clearly opened this door. When we closed San Angelo Church in July, 2011 I had never even heard of this church. Now, I’ll be joining the team!

Ginger and I could NOT be more excited! Did I mention that Ventura is situated between Malibu and Santa Barbara? This is a picture Ginger took this weekend during our visit.

Time for Lincoln to break out the surf board. 🙂


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  1. Flip permalink

    proud of you Mark. you’re an inspiration to me. i’m excited to see you be Jesus to SoCal!

    • Thanks Felipe! Our family woke up still excited about this new open door. You, Mandie, and the THREE kids will need to make a trip out once we get settled. So encouraged by the man of God you have become.

  2. Joyce Shelton permalink

    Okay I don’t have your email, so this might not be the right place to say this but A) am excited that you are getting to live in California and start in a new and beautiful place and B) I am selling real estate so if you need an agent……………just thought I would put that out there. If you already have one or don’t use me I won’t be offended. Am happy for you guys but know it will be weird to be so far away from family. Good thing GOD is in control and not us…..moving is a bold step also Mark and may God bless you and your family as you take it

    • Hey Joyce it’s good to hear from you. Ginger & I have been talking about contacting you. We’d love to talk to you about selling our house! I’ll shoot you an email. Thanks Joyce!

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