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Taking Bold Steps (Part 2 – Three Drawbacks)

September 15, 2011

This week I shared 3 surprise benefits I’ve experienced from taking bold steps. Today I want to share 3 drawbacks to taking bold steps.

1. You Might Fail

No one wants to fail. But accomplishing something significant usually requires failure to remain a possibility.

Questions to ask yourself: Could your confidence handle failure? Could your marriage handle failure? Could your faith handle failure?

2. People Might WILL Misunderstand Your Motives

We see this throughout Jesus’ life on Earth. We shouldn’t expect to be an exception.

Questions to ask yourself: What are my motives? Who am I trying please?

3. It Will Cost You Something

Unfortunately, it may be a relationship(s), money, reputation, comfort, time, etc. But it will cost you something. You may not get to choose what it costs you.

Questions to ask yourself: What am I willing to pay? What am I not willing to pay? (marriage, family, etc.)


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