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3 Things I Know About Your Leadership

October 3, 2011

How should you view your current leadership? What do you hope to accomplish? No matter how wide your influence, there are 3 truths about your leadership.

One of my favorite Andy Stanley messages is based on a conversation recorded in Scripture (John 19).  It is a conversation between Jesus and a 1st century Roman leader named Pilate. The context for the talk finds Jesus in a trial in which he is the accused. Pontius Pilate is the judge and in this conversation he proudly informs Jesus that, “Your life is in MY hands.” Then Jesus’ response shocks Pilate and in his response Jesus reveals a leadership principle that still applies to you and me. Jesus told Pilate that ALL of his power is given from God. Bottom-line leadership principle: “All power is a stewardship. It’s temporary and we’re accountable.”

We ALL have power. When you think of power you probably think of someone else. But YOU have power as a parent, a grandparent, a spouse, older sibling, an employer, a teacher/coach, a board member, a voter, a blogger, a volunteer, etc… As a leader with power there is a temptation to believe we have somehow “earned” our current position and “power”. It can be intoxicating can’t it?

Knowing we all have some level of leadership/power, there are 3 things I know about your leadership and mine:

1) All leadership is given by God. The implications of this truth are HUGE. It impacts how you lead AND how you submit to others’ leadership.

2) It’s temporary. Your leadership and your legacy are temporary. People are eternal. Which will you attempt to build today? (Exodus 1:8) The only reason you and I have ever heard of Pilate is because he was part of Jesus’ story. That would make him mad. 🙂

3) We’re Accountable. God has a specific plan for your leadership. Who is the focus of your leadership? Others. God sees your leadership as an opportunity to give something away for the benefit of others. Now that’s counter-cultural. Our tendency is to protect OUR power/leadership. Giving it away leadership (power) requires some real security on our part doesn’t it?

What are some practical ways you are giving away leadership?

Here’s a 4 min video of two great leaders (Jeremie Kubicek & Joel Manby) discussing this concept:

<p><a href=”″>Jeremie Kubicek and Joel Manby</a> from <a href=””>GiANT Impact</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


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