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Sadly, I Want to Impress You

October 17, 2011

Last night I wanted to go walking. So I decided I’d experience “a first” by walking on the boardwalk here in Ventura taking in my first sunset on the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, my inability to follow directions landed me near the harbor instead of the boardwalk. (Of course, there are worse places to get lost.)

Ventura Harbor

However, I was still able to walk over to the beach in time to see last night’s sunset. It was so beautiful that I took nearly a hundred pics with my iPhone.

My overwhelming thought was probably the same thought you have when you see God’s breath-taking handiwork: I was in awe of God and felt so small simultaneously.

Yesterday my Pastor talked about how all of us spend a lot of time trying to impress people and God. (Great message based on Phil. 3:1-11.)

For some reason, I find myself trying to impress people. I want to impress you. Yes, you. I want to post something meaningful to me, helpful to you, while still sorta hoping to impress you along the way. I hate that desire within me. I really do.

Maybe you’re like me. Or, maybe you spend time trying to impress God. Either way, we are trying to impress. We are trying to earn approval.

Here’s what I was reminded of today: God approves of me. God is satisfied with me.

Let this verse encourage you: God sent His Son “. . . so that the just requirement of the law would be fully satisfied for (insert your name here) . . . ” (Rom 8:4 – NLT) If you’ve received God’s grace, God approves of you. God is satisfied with you.

Tonight I watched God orchestrate the movements of a magnificent ocean and masterfully paint the sky orange. Kinda silly to think I could impress Him. Equally silly for me to waste energy trying to impress others.

The same God who created this majestic scene last night created me 40 years ago. He created you. He loves me. He loves you.

I hope to learn that impressing you is not a big deal. Our Creator already thinks I’m a big deal. You too.

What do you do to try and impress people? God?

How would your life be different if you lived your life no longer trying to impress people? God?

What are some evidences that reveal that God is satisfied with you?


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  1. Mark, I am so very proud of you. You have become such a strong leader, and despite your efforts, I have always been impressed by you. As a young man you were a Godly young man that the youth were able to look up to in our church. You made a difference in so many lives. More than being impressed with you, you impressed on me, how to be a servant of God. That is God’s impressing presence and I am so grateful for the presense of you and Amy in my life.

    • Wow! Thanks Becky. You’ve been a great friend and we share some great memories at BT! Hope you’re doing well Becky.

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