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Planting Acorns

October 24, 2011

Pour a big cup of coffee . . . it’s Monday morning. For those of us in ministry this is sometimes a tough day. This is the day we occasionally feel pointless, like nobody cares, like nobody knows, like nobody sees, like nobody is different because of our efforts.

I’m in full-time ministry and, like you, for the most part I am enjoying way more than I deserve. However, there are still those moments. Moments when I wonder “What’s the point?”

Like you, I want to impact as many people in my lifetime as possible. I even have a secret desire to have a funeral that is “standing room only”.

But the reality is I am not well known. You probably feel the same way.

However, recently I received a Facebook message from one of the men I had the privilege to know for the past several years. He simply took the time to thank me for my “investment” in him. Wow! My investment in him? I thought we were just friends.

Then I was recently reminded of this quote:

When the oak-tree is felled, the whole forest echoes with it; but a hundred acorns are planted silently by some unnoticed breeze. – Thomas Carlyle “On History”

This month men more prominent than me had their lives honored in grand fashion (Steve Jobs and Al Davis) and appropriately so. Each man made monumental contributions in their industries and beyond.

My temptation is to look at the “oak trees” in our culture and feel insignificant. You may often feel like your impact is less than legendary.

You may not create cultural echoes but perhaps you are quietly making a difference in people’s lives that could impact generations to come.

So have your coffee and “bring on Monday”. Today you may plant an acorn.


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