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Parents: Our Encouragement is Powerful

October 31, 2011

As a kid, I remember a particular late night conversation in our families’ living room. I was twelve years old and I was telling my Mom that I wanted to spend my life serving God but I wasn’t sure that made sense or that’s what God had in mind. My Mom told me, “Mark, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming about that. I really believe God is going to use you.” After that conversation, my Mom encouraged me in this area often. She even helped me craft my first sermon which I preached a few months later (parable of Lazarus & rich man). My Dad (who was also my pastor) encouraged me afterwards saying that my 5 minute sermon was incredibly good.

I am blessed with two parents who were and are continuously encouraging me. Their encouragement continues today.

One month ago we moved from Texas to California. The night before the move, my parents came over to pray for us. Being the spiritual giant that I am I quickly pulled out my iPhone and began to video. Now, I’m glad I did. My Dad, being emotional to see us move away, breaks down during his prayer. My Mom then completes the prayer. Here it is:

Yea, I’m blessed! Ginger & I want to encourage our kids enough to minimize their fears and clarify their potential.

“When you know you have unconditional love, there is no point in rebellion and no need to fear failure. I was free to follow my instincts, enjoy my life, and love my parents as much as they loved me.” – George Bush – Decision Points

Here’s a great blog by Carey Nieuwhof that provides some practical insight helping parents encourage their kids.

Did your parents encourage you? What are you doing to encourage your kids?


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