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Endings: God’s Doorways – Part 1

November 7, 2011

I remember the week our family spent on the Llano River in Junction, Texas this summer. A beautiful, serene place yet Ginger & I were overwhelmed with the weight of a life-changing decision. You see we had started a church to reach the unchurched. Unable to achieve some necessary benchmarks, we decided to end the effort after two-and-a-half years. I was tempted to change our vision to “keep the church going so Mark has a job”. 🙂 But I resisted that temptation. We drove back from our trip to “the River” knowing it was time to embrace the end.

It was an extremely difficult decision to end the effort. Why? Like you, I generally fear ending things.

Llano River - Junction, Texas

Here are some of the things that made this decision genuinely difficult . . . maybe you can relate:

– It was somewhat unexpected (even though we knew the benchmarks and tracked our progress, we never developed an “exit strategy” or “Plan B”)

– We had invested a lot of emotion, money, energy, and time

– We didn’t know what was next

– We didn’t know how the ending would impact others

– We didn’t know how the ending would be viewed by others

Now, God has led my family to an incredible church on the west coast that is made up of some amazing people. It has become clear that God was leading and preparing us for this destination all along. However, this fantastic new beginning is only possible because we decided to embrace the ending.

I’m learning that life’s endings are God’s doorways that lead me from the familiar to His designed future. Often, embracing an ending is simply trusting God’s plan.

Endings are often a perfect preparation for a future that God has personalized us.

I want to learn to view endings as necessary and often extremely productive.

How about you? How do you generally view endings?

Right now are you continuing some things only because you’re afraid of “the ending”? Is there anything you should END so you can pursue the BIG thing God created you to pursue?

Many endings we can and should initiate. Tomorrow, let’s talk about endings that we don’t expect or initiate (job loss, broken relationship, death of loved one, etc.).

If you’d like to do some further reading, I would HIGHLY recommend Henry Cloud’s book Necessary Endings.


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