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Endings: God’s Doorways – Pt 2

November 8, 2011

Many times I’ve heard grieving family members at a funeral say, “Well, I know they’re better off now.”

Having served as a Hospice Chaplain, I witnessed many beautiful deaths. Dying people surrounded by their loved ones, virtually pain free, having lived a full life, and the faith to believe their impending death is really just the beginning.

They simply take their last breath and then . . . silence . . . followed by obligatory pulse checks . . . tears . . . hugs . . . touches . . . prayers . . . memories retold, etc. All beautiful things.

When we say “they’re better off now” we mean that our loved one is in Heaven and they are no longer in pain and/or suffering.

The end (death) is a welcomed event.

Yesterday I shared that we should actually end more things. Sadly, we often continue things only because we fear “the ending”. That fear prevents us from being freed to do the BIG thing we are passionate to do.

But what about those unexpected endings? Thinks like: losing a job, losing a relationship, or losing a life. In fact, we even refer to it as “losing”. Nothing positive happens when you “lose” something. Right?

I once heard Billy Graham say (when he was being interviewed by Larry King), “I don’t dread dying. I dread the process of dying.” He was able to separate the purpose from the process.

The more I experience God taking me through unexpected doorways safely, the more I trust Him and the less I trust me. I’m learning to focus less on the details of the doorway; instead, focus more on the builder of the doorway.

How about you? Have you experienced an ending that turned out to be God’s doorway to a fresh, new beginning? Are you able to separate the purpose from the process?

  1. Katie Moore permalink

    I got one for you…

    My prayer at midnight this past New Year’s Eve was “God use me more this year than last year.” 4 days later we found out the youth pastors we loved and served under in San Angelo, Tx were moving to Austin, TX in February to plant a church…um what?!?! We had a decision to make: do we go with them and help or do we stay and continue with the youth? After weeks of fasting, praying, crying, ridiculous emotions all over the place and a podcast that slapped us across the face, we decided to pack up and move to be a part of Revive Church. My husband was born in San Angelo, I called it home the past 17 years, our daughter was born there, all our family lived there, but that didn’t matter. We knew in our hearts God was telling us to move…to stay would have been disobedient.

    Long story short. We’ve been here 3 months. Revive Church is 2 months old. In those 2 months, we have prayed with people that need it. We helped out with fire relief, we helped a homeless man in need, we have become a church family and it’s awesome.

    I prayed a very dangerous prayer and the way God answered it totally took me, my husband and our whole family by surprise. When you pray, be fully expecting God to blow your mind!

    • Katie I love that you shared that story/prayer! Wow! That was a great prayer followed by big faith. You and Brandon certainly took a BOLD step this year. I love seeing (via twitter/FB) all that God is doing at Revive Church, in Austin, and in your own lives. That would be a great prayer for me in 2012. Thanks for sharing Katie!

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