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Are You Approaching Your Faith Like George Costanza?

November 17, 2011

If you’ve watched Seinfeld then you’ve probably enjoyed the famous episode of Independent George vs. Relationship George. The character George Costanza lives life one way with his circle of friends (independent George) and he lives life another way with his girlfriend (relationship George). In his warped way of thinking, as long as the two George’s stay separated life is good.

His “dilemma” is that the two world’s are colliding when someone from his circle of friends (Elaine) begins to hang out with his girlfriend.

Here’s a short clip from that famous episode:

Question: Are you approaching your faith like George Costanza?

Think about it. Most of us go to church and love how we feel when we leave church. We’ve seen friends, worshiped with others, and heard truth from Scripture. What’s not to like?

Then Monday morning comes which probably includes working with people who live differently, think differently, and value differently. Good people who don’t filter their lives through Scripture.

The dilemma is on Sunday you hear the Pastor speak about living a life of integrity but then you go to work and the primary value is increasing the bottom-line regardless of the cost. Integrity is a distant value if it’s even on their radar. Two different worlds.

So you adjust. You connect where you can by talking about news, sports, weather, shopping, technology … You know, the non-eternal stuff. Privately you try to manage the tension between the truth you heard on Sunday and the “real life” you experience during the week.

Much like Independent George and Relationship George, you have “Sunday world” and “rest of the week world”.

The Apostle Paul experienced this same tension. He knew the importance of joining the two worlds. He realized that simply sharing life (faith stories) with other Christians was how you accomplished it. (Rom. 1:11-12)

How do you join these “two worlds”? The most practical solution is a community group (small group).

Community groups bridge the gap between truth and real life. It’s where the two worlds collide . . . in a good way!

In community group you can wrestle with life in personally specific ways (impossible in a corporate/Sunday environment). You can include people inside and outside of the faith to really further the joining of these two worlds.

So how about you? Are you approaching your faith like George Constanza? Do you have two separated worlds? Or, do you invest regularly in meaningful relationships where these two worlds are allowed to collide?


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