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My Top 5 Favorite Bloggers

November 22, 2011

Like you, my stage of life, job, and general interest influence my thinking. Technology makes connection with others easier and nosier than ever. Focus is key. Here are my “top 5” bloggers that I think are worth checking out.

1) Seth Godin (A top blogger based on traffic, Author, Marketing Guru) – Seth consistently challenges my thinking, keeps his blog posts short, and raises lots of money for charity.

2) Michael Hyatt (Author & Former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing) – Lots of good content about blogging, writing, and leadership. Plus, seems to be a good guy.

3) Tony Morgan (Pastor, strategist, author) – Oversees Campus Pastors at West Ridge Church, Dallas, GA. Incredible strategic thinker and innovative ministry leader.

4) Ron Edmondson (Pastor & Leader of Leaders) – Pastor of Grace Community Church, Clarksville, TN. Strategic, innovative, evangelistic. In one word = leader.

5) Pete Wilson (Pastor & Author) – Incredibly creative and humble Pastor of Cross Point Church, Nashville, TN. His posts are fun and insightful.

Bonus #6) Justin Taylor (Works at Crossway and Elder in his church) – Reformed in theology. Contemporary introspection in blogging.

I use Google Reader to skim these blogs and others. Generally, this enables me to view all blogs in about 15 minutes a couple of times per week.

FMI: You can check out this blog ranking of “church blogs”.

Who are your “must follow” bloggers?

Thursday, I’ll share some of the people I most enjoy following on Twitter.


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  1. I’m enjoying your blog so much! Thanks for your faithfulness. I check out people’s blogs (but read yours regularly) including the guys you mentioned as well as Stuff Christians Like (Jonathan Acuff), Church Marketing Sucks, Church Relevance by Kent Shaffer and Relevant Magazine (various bloggers). Oh, and I like to read Katie’s blog (Whimsical) : )

  2. Thank you Lori! I love all of these blogs you mentioned too but I was unaware of Katie’s blog. I’ll have to check it out at Thanks for sharing.

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