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10 Step Process For Your Next Hire

December 8, 2011

Some consider chemistry to be the softer, less critical “C” in the “3 C’s” of Hiring (Character, Chemistry, and Competency). But good chemistry makes life more enjoyable.

It is easy to mistake alignment for chemistry.

Having the same vision and values does not guarantee chemistry. Having the same theology does not guarantee chemistry. Exceeding all of the job qualifications does not guarantee chemistry.

Chemistry is hard to measure but, as I talked about here recently, it’s not possible.

Having a thorough hiring process helps avoid chemistry surprises. One option is to enlist a recruiting service. There are great ministry-savvy services available like The Vanderblomen Search Group.

If you’re going to manage the process in-house, here’s a 10 step process:

  1. Draw a “picture” of the ideal candidate (detailed job description, preferred strengths, qualifications, etc.)
  2. Announce the position (online sites like receive 1,000’s of hits each day and broaden your potential candidate pool) then receive resumes
  3. Follow-up with “candidates of interest” by having them complete a detailed questionnaire measuring “fit with your church mission/values/DNA”
  4. Research candidate’s personality via their “online footprint” (social media, blog, etc.) – Great way to discover attitude, outlook, influence, etc.
  5. Narrow down list and do a Skype interview(s) w/Pastor, Executive or Search Team – helps further identify strengths but begins to measure chemistry
  6. Reveal salary to candidate and follow-up phone call to discuss benefits package
  7. Additional Skype interview w/Hiring Team including ministry-specific staff (primary purpose is measuring chemistry)
  8. Background Process: National background/credit check, calling references, and having candidate submit/take a personality/temperament assessment (Strengths Finder 2.0, Myers-Briggs, RightPath, Taylor-Johnson, etc.)
  9. Focus on one candidate and invite them to your community/church where you and team will spend time in social and ministry settings. (BTW, ensure this is not an “impress us if you can” experience for the candidate. You’re measuring chemistry.)
  10. After a few days of prayer, receive feedback from everyone you invited into the process. (Not only are you measuring chemistry but you’re building it among your team.)

Now for the fun part . . . make a decision knowing you’ve been thorough. This new team member will be someone that makes you smile when their name appears on your caller id (a sure-fire chemistry measuring tool).


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