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Preparing for 2012

December 13, 2011

He must increase, I must decrease.

Some days I come close. Most days . . . not so much.

I’m anticipating 2012. I want my heart to be in the proper position. Promoting Him + Demoting me = Proper position

I’m spending the rest of 2011 focusing on a different attribute of God each day.

Wanna join me? Here’s the site I’m using.

Today’s attribute: God is Jehovah. The name of independent being—“I AM WHO I AM”—only belongs to Jehovah God. As we consider His greatness, we fall down in fear and awe of this One who possesses all authority. (Exodus 3:13-15)

He must become greater, I must become less.

I can’t wait for 2012!


From → Leadership, Theology

  1. Such a great perspective we all need to have. God must be at the head of our life on a daily basis. Looking forward to reading the other days.

    • Thanks Dan. I agree. I’ll be reviewing the attributes site listed above each personally to prepare my own heart for a great 2012. Hope you’re doing well!

  2. Chuck Grace permalink

    This is great and I am sending this on to the members of our discipleship group.

  3. Phyllis Hamilton permalink

    Thanks, Mark. I have printed the “Thirty Days of Praying the Names and Attributes of God” so I can have it available in the morning, for study & prayer time. 2012 promises to be a key year in the plans God has for His people, preparing our hearts for the return of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ!

    It was so much fun watching your little ones enjoy their visit from “Santa Ted” on Sunday! Thanks for joining us at Silver Linings breakfast.

    • Thanks Phyllis! Our family had a great time at the breakfast. Everyone was so nice and our kids are still smiling!

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