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“God, use me more this year than last.”

December 27, 2011

I met the Moore family this past summer. I was inspired by their family’s bold step of faith to pursue a God-given dream. So I asked Katie to share their story. As we approach a new year, I hope their story and her pray inspires you.

Katie, Danica, & Brandn

Back-story: My husband, Brandn, (nope, not a typo) and I lived a very comfortable life in San Angelo, TX with our daughter Danica.  We both had good paying jobs, insurance, a house, and most of our family lived within 10 minutes.

New Year’s Eve 2010:  We were at the Red Letter Rock Fest.  P.O.D. was on stage and midnight was fast approaching.  You know midnight, when you make a wish?  I didn’t make a wish, instead I prayed “God, use me more this year than last.” You see, Brandn and I were youth leaders so what I meant by praying “use me more” was maybe I’d preach 6 times instead of 4 or maybe I’d host some girl’s nights…maybe.

God answered the prayer: 3 days later we found out the youth pastors we loved and served under were moving to Austin, TX to plant a church… what?!?!?! We had a decision to make: do we go with them and help or do we stay and continue with the youth?

After weeks of praying, fasting, crying, ridiculous emotions all over the place and a podcast that slapped us across the face, we decided to pack up and move to be a part of Revive Church.

Revive Church family

Did I mention Brandn was born in San Angelo, I called it home the past 17 years and Danica was born there?  Did I mention both Brandn’s mom and my mom watched Danica during the day and the thought of taking her away from grandparents brought me to tears; not delicate, lady like tears, but ugly, uncontrollable sobs?  Did I mention we both had good paying jobs and we owned our house or that Revive Church wouldn’t be able to pay us and we would have to find jobs in Austin?  But none of that mattered. We knew in our hearts God was telling us to move…to stay would have been disobedient.

You can’t deny this is God:  Our move date was August 6th.  As of July our house still wasn’t on the market and I was having trouble finding a job in Austin.  By the end of July we sold our house without having to put it on the market.  My boss hooked me up with her friend in Austin and a job “just happened” to fall into my lap.  We have family in the area and their business is expanding so Brandn signed on with them and with the money from selling our house, we paid off both cars and moved to Austin debt free.

Revive Church is 3 months old and we meet in a high school cafeteria and to be completely honest, this is way harder than any of us ever imagined; our 6th week of service, we had 4 people show up.  I cried in my car every day on the way to work for the first month because everything was so overwhelming. However; in those short 3 months, we have prayed with people that needed it, we’ve given hope to the hopeless, we’ve helped with fire relief, and we have become a church family and it’s awesome.  This Christmas we are giving up our family traditions and we are hanging out with the homeless.  As a church, we are collecting backpacks and loading them with toiletries, socks, food, gloves and beanies and handing them out to those with nothing.

I prayed a very dangerous prayer and the way God answered it totally took me, my husband and our whole family by surprise. When you pray, be fully expecting God to blow your mind!  And don’t worry, He will see to it you are taken care of.

With 2012 right around the corner, I challenge you to pray a dangerous, life changing prayer.  I want to encourage you to open your hearts and mind and allow God in.  He will totally rock your face off so be prepared.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  🙂

1 Chron 28:20 – Be strong and courageous and do the work.  Do not be discouraged or afraid because the Lord, my God is with you and he will not fail you or forsake you and He will see to it the work of the temple is complete.

You can now follow Katie and her family since Katie just launched her new blog RidiculousKatie!

  1. Ed Zimmermann permalink


    I can’t stay away from your blog. Yours is the first that I have read but I am hooked. Once again you have me following you again. This story hits close to home as you know, I surrendered to the call of family and youth in Oct 2010. Life has gotten in the way but the Lord has been dealing with me in aHis own way. thankfully it has been with loving kindness, but I feel Him moving me in 2012. I can’t wait! Implant on starting the liberty program within two months. Look out World here comes another Christian on Fire for the Lord.

    • Thanks Ed. I’m praying for you right now. A holy ambition is a powerful force! Once Ginger and I shared the same holy ambition we moved. Check that. We jumped! We’re so glad we did. Knocking out your seminary degree is a permanent step in the right direction. Can’t wait to hear what God is planning through you. Keep me updated!

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