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2011 in 7 Words

December 29, 2011

I thought it would be a fun and helpful challenge to summarize the entire year in seven words. Could that help me and you clarify what God’s been up to in our lives? Let’s give it a shot! Here are my 7 words:

Trying. Ending. Waiting. Discovery. Moving. Provision. Peace.

1) Trying

We began the year trying to work as hard as we could to launch San Angelo Church. We soon learned God had other plans.

2) Ending

God led us to end the effort to launch San Angelo Church. We learned the importance of “necessary endings”.

3) Waiting

We began a national search for our next ministry. We met a lot of great people. We did a lot of praying and waiting.

4) Discovery

When God reveals His will in a brand new and sudden way it feels like a discovery. That’s what happened Labor Day weekend when we first visited Ventura, California. I listed specific things that drew our hearts here.

5) Moving

Nothing like saying goodbye to your long-time home, packing up everything you own in a moving truck, and driving across the country to begin a new life with your wife and 4 young kids. You can read my wife’s perspective here.

6) Provision

This is one of my favorite memories of this year. As we drove toward Ventura we didn’t have a home, Ginger didn’t have a job, and we hadn’t sold our old house. We immediately found a home in Ventura. Ginger was offered a school district nursing position three days after we arrived in Ventura which allows her to pick up our kids from school each day. Our house sold within 24 hours after going on the market for full asking price and the buyer asked to close within 2 weeks. Provision.

7) Peace

Our family enjoys a peace that passes all understanding. It isn’t a peace we’ve earned but it’s a peace we recognize as from the Father. We are simply where He wants us.

Hindsight isn’t 20/20. For the follower of Christ, hindsight is God’s plan revealed.

2011 in 7 words. For me that little challenge was fun and helpful.

Why don’t you give it a try? Summarize your entire year in a handful of words. It might help you see what God’s been up to.

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