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Warning: Access to Leaders Can Be Dangerous

January 3, 2012

During my early morning walks, I throw-in my iPhone earbuds to enjoy messages or leadership podcasts of business leaders, pastors, and influencers. Pick a leader and I can find him/her on iTunes, download one or more of their talks, and click “play” the next morning. I love it!

Warning: this unprecedented access to leaders can be dangerous.

As a follower of Christ, it’s easier than any of us want to admit to actually replace the all-knowing voice of our Creator with people who are only wiser than we are. Sort of like ignoring Picasso because your neighbor shows off an impressive color-by-number painting. Replacing perfect with slightly better.

Yesterday I suggested 3 changes Steve Jobs would make had he become the pastor of your church. While fun to think about it doesn’t matter what Steve Jobs would change.

God placed you in charge of your church, your ministry, your home, etc. God could have chosen anyone to lead your church or your home but He chose you. He didn’t choose Rick Warren, Andy Stanley, Bill Hybels, or Steve Jobs. He chose you.

Learn from other leaders. That’s God’s plan. Iron sharpens iron. But never lower God’s voice in the process.

Here’s a test to discover if you’re still pursuing God’s voice:

    1. Are you personally encountering God daily?
    2. When was the last time you personally reached out to someone far from God?
    3. Do you still have BIG dreams about what God might do in your lifetime?
    4. When was the last time you took a God-sized risk?
    5. As your decisions increase in importance do your prayers increase/intensify?

Hey, continue listening to the podcasts and attending the conferences. I will.

But keep pursuing the voice that’s ALWAYS right, ALWAYS good, and ALWAYS loving.

You’re the leader. We’ll follow you. Boldly lead us. I’m praying for you.


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