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Holy Ambition vs. UnHoly Ambition

January 31, 2012

5 years ago I read Chip Ingram’s book Holy Ambition and it inspired my faith more than any book ever has.

Over the years I am also learning there is a fine line between a Holy Ambition and an Unholy Ambition.

A natural by-product of leadership is a brighter light . . . on you. The danger is that light on you can become addicting.

This unquenchable thirst for a brighter light always disappoints anyone who pursues it. None of us originally entered ministry for our own magnification. The resulting emptiness can lead to extreme discouragement in ministry.

According to Lance Witt 1,500 pastors leave the ministry monthly and 52% of all pastors say they would leave the ministry if they could replace their income.

If you have a Pastor’s heart you want to connect with people but you can easily cross the line to want to be approved by people.

Here are some self-evaluation questions to ask yourself:

1) Do you read Scripture for you or others?

2)Do you seek people’s approval when use you speak or use social media?

3) Do you find yourself manipulating conversations to highlight yourself? (We can wrap this in Kingdom-language.)

Remember, you are just as valuable to God when you are doing nothing as when you produce.

Who are you trying to please? Are you still pursuing a Holy Ambition?


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