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The Most Effective Way to Walk Away From God

February 7, 2012

Wanna walk away from God? Let me help. Seriously, I’m going to give you a proven method. This is THE surest way to walk away from God. It is found in these 3 simple words: Live life alone. That’s it! Guaranteed to “work”.

According to Hebrews 3:12-13, living life alone significantly increases your likelihood of walking away from God. Here’s how it happens:

  1. An unbelieving heart results from living life alone. You have the potential to no longer believe. So do I. That may sound impossible but it’s not. Life can be extremely hard and unfair. Trials, hurts, and pain can change us and our faith. Our faith is intended to be encouraged and strengthened by other people. Isolation increases your likelihood of developing an unbelieving heart. If you’re in ministry this is especially critical.
  2. Self-deception increases when you live life alone. Sin is deceptive. It causes smart people to make stupid decisions. Just like you have crystal clear insight into other people’s stupid decisions, others have clear insight into your stupid decisions. We will all be self-deceived at times. The question is will you benefit from this principle? Self-deception thrives in isolation.

None of us desire to walk away from God. But if we ever do this is most likely how it will happen.

  1. Right on Mark! If only we could all find ourselves in a close, tight-nit fellowship of the heart. Jesus loves to hang out with friends like that.

    • Thanks Mark. Jesus loved to hang out with sinners while simultaneously living life with a group of believers. He taught us the value of giving other people access to our lives. As you know, it’s hard work and sometimes “messy” but worth it.

  2. Mike Havens permalink

    Took a while to get to your blog, but am enjoying going through each for strength and insight into living in Christ. This one is especially insightful for me because of the deception factor. It goes along well with My Utmost for His Highest, Feb 24 devotion. It really struck home when I read it. We can so easily get caught up in spending time with Christ without others. I love our Lord and He’s meant to be shared. Thanks Mark. Just spent some time talking and pouring my heart out with Jodi this morning about this topic. Keep me in prayer. Thanks. Love your blot. Miss you all.

    • Thanks Mike! It’s great hearing from you. I agree that loving Christ must include loving others. Loving others requires a relationship. So loving Christ alone is well . . . impossible. You hit the nail on the head. Praying for you and Jodi! Miss you guys.

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