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10 Easy Ways to Put Laughter & Discovery Back into Your Faith

February 13, 2012

I was sitting on my bed with my wife looking at the pictures she had taken over the weekend. There was a common “problem”: Our kids were blurry in the pictures. But when your kids are a blurry because they are running and having fun you don’t mind.

That was the case this weekend when we took our kids on a hiking trail at Wheeler’s Gorge in Los Padres National Forest. They searched “hidden” trails, walked on slippery river rocks, climbed on big wooden logs, played impromptu hide-and-go seek, and embraced the fresh air in their playground of discovery.

I loved hearing them laugh and watching them discover. Even typing now I am smiling as I picture my kids having so much pure fun!

That made me think about God, my Father. I can’t help but think he must thoroughly enjoy hearing us laugh and watching us discover. After all, he created what we were enjoying this weekend.

When it comes to our faith it is to easy to slip into a reverent, cerebral exercise mostly devoid of laughter and a sense of discovery. That’s too bad.

So how can we include more laughter and discovery in our faith journey? Here are 10 ideas:

    1. Join a small group. It’s easier to laugh & discover with others. A small group should be a “spiritual playground” where God watches his kids laugh and discover.
    2. Have meaningful conversations with a new believer. This is always refreshing!
    3. Have a meaningful conversation with someone who’s followed God for a long-time. This is always encouraging!
    4. Have your quiet time in his creation (outdoors).
    5. Enjoy a collection of art looking for the fingerprints of God. This helps keep the “awe”/discovery active in our faith.
    6. Listen to some great music leading your heart toward God. (I like listening to Chris Botti music and envisioning my eyes “taking in” God’s throne for the first time).
    7. Read the writings of a brand new author. New language/ideas are inspiring.
    8. Spend meaningful time with people who make you laugh.
    9. Spend time with people who are curious.
    10. Schedule a regular self-imposed media-fast.

Maybe you can help by adding to this list.

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