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You Should Quit!

February 21, 2012

I think you should quit! Your church might be better off. Why? So you can start again.

In order to “begin” a ministry, you must either begin something brand new or re-start something that was stopped.

There’s nothing like the excitement surrounding the first game of the season, the first day of school, or the first show in a new tv season. There’s natural momentum when anything new starts.

Churches spend lots of time trying to create momentum by beginning brand new ministries. Sometimes it works for the short-term but rarely for the long-term.

Maybe a more effective way to generate momentum is to strategically QUIT. Temporarily stopping then re-starting a ministry creates the same “starting momentum” as a brand new start but costs much less time, money, and energy.

Here are three practical ways I saw North Point Ministries do this:

1) Encourage small groups to take the summer off and then relaunch big in Fall

2) Use the summer to bring in guest speakers, develop speakers and focus on “one-off” messages and then launch new multi-week series in Fall with primary speaker

3) Scale back children’s ministry in summer giving volunteers less responsibility and then relaunch volunteer recruitment/training in Fall (simplifying w/o lowering quality)

In the Fall, starting momentum would be captured simply because there is a beginning. So what could you strategically quit to honor volunteers with some down time and create starting momentum?


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  1. Mark, I really enjoy your blog! Great thoughts today!

    • Thank you Lori!! You and Daniel encourage me so much. If you’d start a blog I’d definitely read it because you’re a strong leader and you’d be encouraging everybody.

  2. Love this Mark! I think I may try it! 😉

    • That’s funny Tom! Gotta say I’m grateful for all of the musicians and worship leaders you pour into through your ministry.

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