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Develop Leaders in 3 Basic Steps

February 28, 2012

All 4 Riggins kids on the beach

Our family recently went up the coast to Santa Barbara. As we were walking along the beach I heard my 6 year-old son Lincoln, in his excited, high-pitched voice say, “Daddy, I’m following you by walking in your footprints.” I said, “Cool.” A few quite seconds later he ran past me and began walking in front of me and said, “Now you walk in my footprints Daddy.” So I did. After a couple of minutes with his confidence growing suddenly he took off running and shouted, “Dad! Let’s go!”

Though I didn’t do anything significant in this illustration it is a perfect picture of leadership development.

Identifying potential leaders is half of the battle. The other challenge is developing them. Here’s a simple 3-step framework that could be helpful:

    1. Let them watch you lead
    2. Watch them lead
    3. Hand it over to them

Like my son step two “watching them lead” may initially slow you down. However, when done well the new leader will be running and potentially faster and further than you.

Here is a great 15-minute leadership development podcast by Andy Stanley entitled “The Power of Apprenticing.”


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