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Your DREAMS Are Just Waiting For You To Do This

March 5, 2012

Every time I think about doing something bold I immediately hear him. He’s a silent voice yet I am helpless to deafen him. He talks to me in my sleep. He wakes me up at night. He causes me to constantly doubt. He causes me to stop short of thinking too far outside of the box.

His name is fear. I can’t describe his voice but I immediately recognize it.

I’ve noticed he most often begins talking when I am dreaming or have recently taken steps in pursuing a dream. Though he’s never invited, he always dominates the conversation. I never walk away having enjoyed my time spent with fear.

I’ve noticed that he never offers an alternative dream. He only tells me why my dreams  shouldn’t be pursued. He’s never given me an ounce of encouragement . . . ever. He rarely uses logic instead he manipulates my emotions. He pretends to be my friend but always tells me “NO”!

He is intrusive, discouraging, and plays the role of “dream killer”. He wears me out!

So a few years ago I made a choice and now I’m inviting you to join me in this decision. I reassigned my voice of fear to his rightful place. This was necessary so that I could really dream. My approach includes 3 guardrails for fear:

    1. He doesn’t get a seat at the table when I’m dreaming.
    2. He can not speak at “moments of decision”. Instead, “boldness, love, & sound mind” will speak. (2 Tim. 1:7)
    3. He isn’t allowed to taunt me after the decision’s made.

If you join me, you will soon hear your dreams shouting and celebrating in anticipation. Let’s hang out with them for awhile.


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