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Why I Chose to ‘Unfriend’ Someone on Facebook

March 6, 2012

Warning: This blog post is metaphorical.

I had this Facebook “friend” whose friendship I didn’t remember ever accepting. It was weird because he not only had access to my status updates but would often comment on them.

My friend’s name was Neg. I quickly noticed that Neg didn’t seem happy. In fact, he seemed to only comment when I posted something slightly cynical or pessimistic yet was completely quite when I posted anything optimistic.

One day I clicked on Neg’s page and then his “info” page and discovered his full name: Neg A. Tive.

It dawned on me that though I’m not responsible for other people’s outlook, I should carefully guard who influences me. I wondered since Neg couldn’t change my circumstances, did it hurt to let him comment on my status update? After all they’re just keystrokes right? However, I found myself pausing before submitting any updates. I would hear myself wondering is this “too positive”? How can I word this in a way to help Neg accept it? Neg’s influence was growing in my life.

So I decided to “unfriend” Neg. It was hard. After all, I’d grown to like Neg despite his outlook.

I still see Neg comment on some of my friend’s status updates. His outlook hasn’t changed reminding me that I made the right decision. When I choose friends I now make sure they aren’t friends of Neg.

Dropping Neg A. Tive’s influence in my life was one of the best things I’ve ever done. How about you? Are you paying attention to who you have allowed to be your “friend”?

Caveat: I’ve never actually dropped a friend on Facebook. I’ve hidden a few but never dropped anyone. 🙂


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  1. Neg. Use to be a “Great” friend of mine. Neg’s true self came to light. Turning the light out. DIMMER. dimmer. dimm…..OFF! Pos. My new best friend!!

  2. That’s great to hear! There have been times that I allowed a person’s negative outlook to begin to influence mine. I once heard Andy Stanley say, “Your friends are a preview of the future you”. Our friend’s outlook is probably a preview of our future outlook. So I should choose wisely.

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