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Struggling to Read Your Bible Daily? Embrace it!

March 20, 2012

I struggle to read my Bible everyday. I know – I’m a pastor and admitting that struggle makes some uncomfortable.

Since I believe it’s the authority for my life and the living words of God . . . well . . . reading it daily makes pretty good sense.

But I struggle.

I’ve taught lessons, led small groups, and preached sermons on “How to have the daily discipline of Scripture/Prayer”. Yet, I struggle.

So I made it “easier” by downloading YouVersion’s app on my iPhone. Each morning when I get up at 5:30am, I click on my personalized Bible reading plan. But you guessed it … struggle. (Now, I have to resist the urge to check my email on the same device.)

With all that I “know” and the technological advances, I am currently 3 days behind on my “through the Bible in one-year” plan. Struggle.

But I’m not discouraged. Here are three reasons I now embrace my struggle:

    1. My “struggle” reveals how important this is. If Scripture is true, we’re in a spiritual war. Why would we expect the war zone to be easy? The struggle reveals the significance. Embrace it.
    2. My “struggle” may reveal that I’m desiring more than just finishing the “day’s reading”. If I’m reading but not changing, my “struggle” may be a longing for more. Embrace it.
    3. God meets us in our struggles. The struggle may be exactly where God is waiting. Embrace it . . . embrace Him.

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  1. Tony Cortez permalink

    I’m win the same boat brother. Just before reading this, I was trying to catch up on my daily readings as well. The YouVersion bible app makes it easier but the struggle remains to resist busyness, email, Facebook, etc instead of reading His Word.

    • Man I’m glad to hear my struggle isn’t unique. Maybe just surfacing my struggle will remove it’s secrecy and power. Appreciate you Tony!

  2. Katie Moore permalink

    I’m a church planter and a pastor’s wife and I have the same struggle….I fell asleep last night reading my Bible so I’m a day and a half behind in my daily reading plan. I’m usually behind but as long as I read something every day I feel better about being behind. What you have to be careful about if you get behind is to not get discouraged and then stop reading altogether. I think God would rather have you behind than not at all.

    • Great thought Katie! When I fall behind I am tempted to quit, start over, or start something different. Thanks for your encouragement to all of us.

  3. Ruth permalink

    I struggle to read my bible. I am a born
    Again Christian. Ruth.

  4. Elizabeth permalink

    I struggle too the hard thing for me is that I kow the benefits of reading and prayer yet I struggle, Ive been a christian for years but this time its so hard to get pass the struggle.

  5. Me too Elizabeth. I’ve never regretted battling through the struggle to read/pray. If I miss a day or two I do my best to start back up. I’m convinced it will never be easy but always be worth it.

  6. Jean permalink

    Thanks for your blog. I have been a Christian since the age of 10. I am now 36 years old. I live and work in Japan. I have not been to church in years. I still pray and read my Bible, but I am struggling significantly. I feel so ashamed. I spend more time on the Internet than I do in Bible reading and praying. I have prayed many times and asked God to help me but nothing has changed. I am so frustrated. I acknowledge and recognize that the word of God is more important than anything in this world, yet, I find it extremely difficult to pray and read. When you guys are praying, please pray for me. I really need help. I feel like I am in a dry place. I really need deliverance in this area if this is a plasible request. Finally, does anyone know of any online Christian groups that I could join so I could have contact with other Christians? There are no Christians in the area where I live in Japan. I really need a Christian support base. I watch sermons online and on Youtube, but nothing beats having others of like mind to engage in godly exchanges. Thanks again for the encouragements and God bless you all.

  7. Thanks for your honesty Jean. It’s okay to struggle. It’s better when you’re honest about your struggle and have a desire for God’s Word. You are right to believe one of the best places to start is in a community of others who share your values. Many church now have online groups. Here’s one:

  8. Larry permalink

    Thank you my Brother, your honesty and openess is encouraging to me for certain and I would guess for everyone. Man I struggle to do it daily, i was thinking about it this morning on the way into work. The devil surely uses it to make you feel less in God’s eyes. I have a one year Bible, I have read Genesis and most of Exodus 3 times now, if you understand what I mean. One app that I have found helpful is Biblegateway (on android not sure about Iphone) They have audio versions that with bluetooth on my phone and car stereo I can listen to it while driving. Not the same as sit down read and study, but “faith comes by hearing”.

    Love and appreciate you Mark!

    • Thanks for your transparency Larry. Love your “listen while you drive” approach. Love & appreciate you friend. Glad we’re battling together.

  9. Hello brother thanks for sharing . I am new in the faith and lately i have been struggling getting into my word, and at times i tend to neglect my wordly chore, in regards to work or handling other responsibilities.Which becomes a burden on me because i feel as though i not glorifying the Lord in all my activities when i neglect to work on other areas in my life

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