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Thank you Ginger!

March 26, 2012

My youngest daughter turned 4 on Saturday. Ginger and I were reflecting on these past 4 years. Here are our last 4 years in 5 sentences:

– 4 years ago I was an Associate Pastor/Worship Pastor at a church I had served for 12 years and our little Madison was born.

– 3 years ago I started a church while my wife & I worked 8 different jobs that year.

– 2 years ago our new church began having public meetings with a children’s ministry focus hosted at a local college.

– 1 year ago our church plant began having weekly services in a local church on Sunday nights.

– This year we joined the team at an incredible church and moved our  family from Texas to Ventura, California.

My wife not only supported my decisions along the way, she pursued them passionately with me. Tomorrow is her birthday. It is impossible for me to give her anything close to what she has given me, especially these last four years. So, I just wanted to stop my regular posts today and say, “Ginger, I’m so grateful that you have chosen to joyfully trust God while He led our family into unchartered adventures.”


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