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Here’s the 1st Question I Always Ask Myself When Making a Major Decision

April 3, 2012

A longtime friend called me today and said, “Mark I feel lost. I’ve got to choose between two great job opportunities.” I could hear the deep tension in his voice. I’ve been there and so have you. Maybe you’re there now.

You’re emotionally worn out trying to consider every possible angle. Oh the madness!

Every time you see a tweet that includes “How to make a decision” or “How to determine God’s will” you quickly read it hoping to discover some new, helpful process that will make your decision a little easier.

What do you do when your future is unclear? Well, I’d keep reading the tweets but I’d also recommend answering a particular question as a first step. Before I share the question (which I learned from Andy Stanley), let me reveal your future.

As a believer your destination ends face to face with God the Father. That’s not a bad ending to your story! I like to imagine that divine moment. Imagine being there right now. Take it in. See His glory? Hear the distant sounds of Heaven? Feel the adoration in your heart? Sense His complete love surrounding you?

As you envision that moment, here’s the question to consider: What story do you want your life to tell? There are a lot of good things you can do. But what’s the story you most want to write with your life. Then, what do you need to do to write that story?

If you’re currently facing a tough decision, I know it can be over-whelming. Would you share it in the comments below or email me ( I’d like to pray for you.

In the meantime, hang in there. Eventually, I’ll see you at the throne!


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  1. Sabrina permalink

    I am facing a difficult decision. I have family members in very intense situations. I have done all I know to do for them. Now I feel lead to release them and trust God with them so I can move forward with where God is taking me. I have been asked to speak today for Teen Challenge at the chapel to these young ladies by the director today. I was very excited about it as I feel I am being used as an instrument to build others up and encourage them in their walk with the Lord. I would like to work towards Women’s retreats. I am asking God to lead me by the Holy Spirit and to make it clear in the way I am to go and how to get there.

    • Praying for your family situation right now Sabrina. Grateful you’re trusting God and letting him use you!

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