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How to Write Your First 100 Blog Posts

April 9, 2012

This is my 100th blog post! To celebrate we filled plastic eggs with candy, hid them in the yard, and watched the kids hunt them down. Imagine what we’ll do for the 1,000th post!

Okay, so it’s not a huge accomplishment. It simply means I’ve typed something and clicked “publish” 100 times.

So why? Why continue to blog? I believe the process improves my ability to develop my thoughts. A blog becomes a digital collection of information for future reference for me and others. It creates a platform to cast or reinforce a vision. And, it improves my writing.

Do you have the itch to launch a blog? If so, here’s how I’d suggest you start:

1) Start by watching this short video with Seth Godin encouraging everyone to blog and addresses the most common fears.

2) Write a bunch of blog posts and plan to begin with a sustainable pace. Then start. Here’s what I did.

3) Interact with experienced bloggers. The single greatest resource I know of is FREE. Jeff Goins offers free blogging lessons. Very practical and strategic!

4) Follow the blogs of successful bloggers. Michael Hyatt is an extremely influential blogger and offer blogging tips regularly.

Maybe you’ll discover a new passion and share the voice God has given you. Or, maybe you’ll have some fun and record some memories. I hope you will have as much as I have!


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