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3 Ways to be the best version of YOU

April 23, 2012

There are many distractions that will sabotage you from being you. But you were born an original so don’t die a copy!

Jon Acuff , author of the book Quitter, spoke at the opening lab at Catalyst West Conference last week. Here are notes from Jon’s talk to help you be YOU:

1) Don’t play the comparison game

It would be easy for me to get discouraged if I compare my blog to Michael Hyatt’s great blog. Michael’s been blogging for close to a decade and I’ve been at it for a few months. We not only compare but we don’t “compare fair”. We compare our start to someone else’s middle.

2) Be smart about social media

Facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram cause us to become producers. The danger is when we start producing our lives instead of being present in our lives.

We love our kids but they know when we cross the line to make them part of our production. Kids wanna be kids not content!

3) Ignore the voices

We all have internal voices. What do your internal voices tell you? Usually it’s fear, anxiety, or self-doubt. Nobody’s internal voice is positive. Your internal voice may say, “You’re not good enough.” “You’re gonna fail.” Or, “you don’t have what it takes.” Ignore the voices!

Also, be aware of perfection. Quality is important but 90% perfection that is shipped is better than 95% that is never shipped. Perfection always tells us it is “only 1 tweak away”.

You are a unique and wonderful creation! In 399 A.D. St Augustine said, “People travel to wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars; and they pass by themselves without wondering.” Be an original. Be you!

You can follow Jon Acuff on his blog or twitter.

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  1. I really resonate with #1 here. I still sometimes find it hard to not compare myself to peers, siblings and other people who I feel on the same level as. Especially with my career, it’s easy to use someone else as a metric for my success, but that’s neither accurate nor beneficial.

  2. Thanks Stephanie! I agree. Interestingly, I almost always “compare up”. That inspires but can also discourage. Oscar Wilde suggests, “be yourself – everyone else is taken.” 🙂 Thanks for your insight Stephanie.

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