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5 Ways to Be Heard in a Noisy World – Notes from Michael Hyatt

April 24, 2012

Are you trying to build a platform (social media, write a book, build a business, etc.)? There are currently more than 164 million blogs. It’s noisy out here. BTW, thanks for dropping by in the middle of your noisy day. 🙂

Michael Hyatt just released his new book entitled Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. Why is this important? Because if God has given you a message, you will need a platform.

If you’re ready to build a platform Michael Hyatt suggests 5 planks (these are my notes from Michael Hyatt’s lab at Catalyst West):

Plank 1: Start with WOW

Under-promise and over-deliver. “Great marketing only makes a bad product fail faster.” You have to build a compelling product. WOW is the positive gap between expectation and the end product. Strive for WOW!

Plank 2: Prepare to Launch

Think bigger! If it’s not compelling enough for your own imagination why should anyone else be captivated?

Plank 3: Build Your Home Base

HOME BASE = Your Blog

EMBASSY = FB, twitter, and pinterest

OUTPOSTS = Google alert & RSS feeds where you’re listening and talking occasionally.

Plank 4: Expand Your Reach

Modern-day marketing is sharing. Focus on adding value. Social media rewards generosity. We pay attention to “givers” not “takers”.

Plank 5: Engage Your Tribe

It’s not a monologue. Lead a conversation. This generation believes they have something to contribute and want to be invited in. Obey the “20:1 RULE”. For every “ask” make 20 “deposits”.

If you’re ready to build your platform, order your copy of Platform HERE. I’m enjoying my copy and can already recommend it.

You can follow Michael Hyatt’s blog HERE or on twitter HERE.


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