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Awaken Your Heart

May 14, 2012

When I was a kid and someone died I’d ask my mom, “How’d they die?” My mom has a dry sense of humor so she’d say, “Their heart stopped beating.”

That’s not always the cause of death but it’s always the proof of death.

Put your hand over your chest. No, seriously. No one’s looking.

Feel the heart pulse as it pumps blood to your entire body? That means you’re alive! One day someone will put their hand over your heart to confirm that you’re not.

Between now and the day your heart stops beating, will you you dare to awaken it?

Because you’re alive your heart longs to awaken. Do you hear it? It’s begging you!

But how do you awaken your heart? By pursuing your dreams. Your heart lives for dreams!

If it’s been awhile, that’s okay. Listen to your heart again and DREAM.

If you’re out of practice, remember dreams almost always include 3 things:


Steve Jobs dreamed of “making a dent in the universe”.

One of my deep fears is living a life that will not have mattered.

You were created to pursue a cause bigger than you. Your heart is heart-wired to encourage others. If only you benefit from your dream, it’s too small.

2) They’re SCAREY

My kids and I love to hide behind things and scare each other. My wife is the most common victim. When you’re surprised or scared do you notice how fast your heart beats?

Should your dreams include fear? Yes. Should that stop you? No.

“Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do your fear.” – Richard Wilkins

If your dream doesn’t scare you it’s not a dream it’s a “to do” list.

There are 3 important limits you should have for your fear when you’re dreaming. I list them HERE.

3) They AWAKEN Your Heart

The next time someone shares their dream with you notice the sudden spark in their eye, how fast they begin to talk, and watch their energy increase. It’s a beautiful site! Their heart awakens before you. That’s what dreams are supposed to do!

When you share your dream, if you don’t feel an energy bump you’re probably sharing a desire not a dream. You don’t have to manufacture energy to talk about your dream.

Set some time on your calendar right now. Dreaming requires margin.

Before you develop action steps and actually pursue the dream enjoy the rush as your heart begins to awaken!

Ready? First, put your hand on your chest. Feel your heart begging?


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