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After the failure, hurt, and disapointment . . .

May 22, 2012

Just wanna think out loud today.

A BIG hurt, failure, or disappointment is usually followed by a “season of silence”. This season can last days, months, or years. It is difficult. It is lonely. In the end, it is meaningful.

Based on my experience, a season of silence includes these characteristics:

1) God seems distant even though He’s close

2) It’s hard to imagine life will ever be good again

3) God’s purpose isn’t immediately clear

4) Relationships change . . . some end . . . some become life-long

5) Comfort zones end and new dreams begin . . . eventually

6) Faith is immediately shaken but eventually strengthened

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Can you add some other characteristics to this list?


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  1. Often, these are followed by big steps of faith. It’s almost as if God’s saying, through these seasons, “Trust me. I’ve got something huge coming.”

    • So true. In his biography on Moses, Chuck Swindoll calls this season “Desert University” because God uses it to prepare us for something bigger than we anticipate. Thanks Ben!

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