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An App for your Thoughts

June 21, 2012

Ginger went to Costco this week to buy groceries and saw these delicious looking pretzel rolls. The nutritional label revealed they were 200 calories EACH. She decided they weren’t worth it and left them on the shelf.

You see Ginger and I recently began using the Lose It App as our “personal trainer”. It’s great! You can scan food for nutritional info. It helps us track our exercises and our food.

My food list from this Tuesday

Don’t you wish there was a “thought app”? After all, you’re consuming thoughts constantly. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that displayed the “cost” of your thoughts? Then you could decide if a thought is worth consuming.

It could work like this:

5 minutes thinking about him: Reduce joy by 47% for 3 days

10 minutes appreciating what you do have: Increase peace by 51% today

4 minutes dwelling on your past: Miss 75% of today’s blessings

15 minutes focusing on current opportunities: Kick-start energy by 81%

3 minutes on negative relationship: Increase critical words by 38%

3 minutes gratitude for good relationships: Improve interactions by 39%

Just like food consumption significantly impacts your physical health, thought consumption significantly impacts your emotional health.

Like the pretzel rolls, some thoughts appear delicious but need to be left on the shelf.


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  1. This is really good! What we think about we become. I love the idea of an app to track our thoughts! We’ll call it “Think It!” 🙂

  2. Mary davis permalink

    Recently read Paul’s comment about taking evry thought captive to the obedience of Christ”. . . That’s a sanctified imagination!

    • That’s so good Mary! So easy to let thoughts be uncontrolled isn’t it? Scripture challenges us to be intentional with our thoughts. Thanks Mary.

  3. Larry Valenzuela permalink

    Mark, brilliant! I love the imagery in the greek of that verse “Take every thought captive” it is of prisoners being led off at the point of spear.

  4. Larry thanks for reminding me of this verse! As I prepare for part 2 of my forgiveness message, I’m convinced our struggle to forgive is a struggle to control our thoughts.

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