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Pebble Beach Leadership

June 25, 2012

A guy in my small group was telling me about playing a round of gold at the world-famous Pebble Beach outside of Monterey, California. The green fee (which includes a mandatory caddy) is expensive. Another guy in my small group asked, “Is it worth the expense?” My golfer friend said, “It’s Pebble Beach! It’s the price you have to pay.”

He’s right. I’m not a golfer but the principle is transferrable.

The greater the reward, the greater the sacrifice required to achieve it. Lots of people say they want to become an empowering leader and a difference maker. But few people actually pay the price to do it.

A huge price of growing leadership is this constant tension: An increase in leadership produces an increase in fear. If you feel this tension, chances are you’re a growing leader.

Here’s a perspective that might help: This is a healthy tension. It’s a tension to be managed not resolved.

If you’re leading without fear, that’s dangerous. If your fear is keeping you from leading, that’s a waste.

If you’re leading with fear, that’s healthy.

If you’re leading and feeling overwhelmed at times let me say, “Congratulations”. “It’s Pebble Beach! It’s the price you have to pay.”


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  1. Steve permalink

    if your fellow group member needs a caddy I’m there!

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