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One easy way to create a memory with your family this weekend

June 28, 2012

Don’t you wish you could create more meaningful memories with your family? Are you going to make any memories with your family this weekend?

Your life is busy and and making memories takes too much energy, money, and time right?

As a Dad I’m learning an easy way to make memories with my family.

Last week our family took a trip to San Francisco. As great as San Francisco is, our greatest memory didn’t include the Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39, Lombard St., museums or Alcatraz.

It was the night we spontaneously tried something new. We decided to check out Chinatown (the largest Chinatown outside of Asia). While driving around I asked my family, “Wanna stop and eat at one of these restaurants?” After a quick yelp search, we picked one.

My four kids were playing with their chop sticks and staring at the large fish tanks. This was their first time in such an authentic chinese restaurant. Even though I lived in South Korea for a year and have visited chinatown in New York, I was completely out of my element.

Everything was going great but our “memory” was about to happen.

I ordered a “safe” appetizer of wonton soup for our family.  A few minutes later our waiter brought a large silver kettle to our table. I poured the soup into our individual soup bowls.

Then the next 3 things seemed to happen simultaneously. My oldest daughter asked, “Dad what are these smaller cups for?” At the same time I spotted our waiter across the room heading to our table with a large bowl of wonton soup. Then I heard my second daughter say, “Dad this soup tastes just like tea.”

I said, “Uh oh. It is tea. Quick! Pour it into your smaller cups. Here comes the soup.”

By the time the waiter made it over we all smirked but had empty soup bowls as if we were experts. When he left we all laughed.

I was embarrassed and proud of our memory at the same time.

The next day at the hotel my six-year-old son spontaneously jumped out of the pool. He ran over to me with a big smile and said, “Dad, remember when we poured our tea into our soup bowls yesterday? That was so funny.” Yes! We’d just made a memory.

So here’s one easy way to make a memory this weekend:

Try something new TOGETHER.


– New restaurant (especially ethnic foods)

– Shop at a new store

– Visit a new city

– Cook an interesting recipe resulting in a “first time” dish

– Try a new sport together (Ginger & I are going to try paddle surfing)


– Give yourself enough time for spontaneity

– Prepare your family for the adventure by researching online together

– Call it an “adventure” so they understand new can be fun

– Choose to have laugh no matter what happens

Make a memory with your family this weekend by trying something new TOGETHER. Afterwards, I’d love to hear about your adventure!

What do you do to help create memories with your family?


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