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Two Focuses of Every Leader

July 31, 2012

What is keeping you from growing spiritually? What’s preventing you from making progress at your job, ministry?

As a leader, most of your time is spent on these two objectives: 1) building steps and 2) removing obstacles.

This applies as you lead at your ministry, your organization, and your family.

I talked HERE about building steps. But what about obstacles? What does an obstacle look like? Do you have obstacles that are blocking your leadership and growth?

Common obstacles are lack of time, talent, and treasure. However, often times obstacles are disguised as people.

Obstacles can look like:

  1. someone who doesn’t fully understand the vision
  2. someone who has a “competing” vision or agenda
  3. someone constantly celebrating the past instead of planning for the future
  4. someone who focuses on “me” more than “us”

When the obstacle is a person, you’ll rightly feel the desire to walk with them toward a changed heart. The fun part is they have the potential to be transformed from an obstacle into a step leading others to Him.

Where is there an obstacle? You’re the leader. That means you build steps and remove obstacles.


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