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Impacting the world while loving your family

August 20, 2012

As a leader you’re so future-focused that you can leave relational, financial, and organizational chaos in your wake because once you’re finished with a project you immediately move on to the next “thing”. 

It’s great that you’re future-focused. In fact, that’s God’s thumbprint on your heart!

But how do you look ahead while still looking around? How do you impact the world while loving your family?

Here are two important practices:

1) Define the future by writing down your preferred future.

The hunger for progress within you is an appetite that’s never fully and finally satisfied. Part of the reason you need to write down your preferred future is to fight the “hunger for progress” within you. This helps reveal progress while creating focus within your current context.

2) Monitor 3 gauges

GAUGE #1: Personal health

If you ignore your body, you undermine your future.

“What works better for your day – exercising 1 hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day?”

 You can’t have a productive future without a physical body.

If you’re going to ignore your health it’s like gathering your spouse and kids and telling them that you’re not going to take care of your body now but you’re expecting them to take care of your body later.

GAUGE #2: How are the emotional gauges of the people most important to you?

Nobody wants to tell the story of a broken home with a divorce, estranged kids, and broken relationships. But if you’re only looking ahead and not stopping to measure the emotional gauges of those closest to you you’re going to write a story that you’re not proud of.

This is the one that trips up a lot of leaders. There’s no quarterly report providing you immediate feedback. You only get to raise your kids once. There’s only one “cycle”.

How do you measure the heart gauges of your children and your marriage?

Family operates on the law of the harvest. You sow and sow and sow then when your kids are adults you reap.

Listen to your spouse. Don’t assume: Ask them how your marriage is going. Create a rhythm/routine that includes daily and meaningful interaction with your kids.

GAUGE #3: Why am I doing this . . .  really?

You get emotionally engaged with something in the future and then tell your brain to create justification. Because you’re smart you can do that. That’s why many leaders drive a vehicle they can’t afford and live in a house they can’t afford.

Are any of these tripping you up? If so, here’s what I know about you: Leaders learn what they need to know in order to do what they need to do.

This is all from the most recent Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast. I summarized it in today’s blog because I benefit so much from this free monthly leadership podcast and I think you should too. Subscribe via iTunes or by clicking HERE.


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