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Dinner Around the Table

August 23, 2012

Last week I was listening to Andy Stanley’s monthly leadership podcast when, almost in passing, Andy emphasized the importance of families having daily dinner around the table. “There is NO substitute for the family sitting together around the table for dinner each night,” he said.

My wife and I are blessed because both of us were raised in families that sat down and ate dinner together regularly. But our family doesn’t. We spend time together daily but “sit down” dinners have been happening a couple of times a week.

After talking to my wife, we both decided we want our family to sit down together for dinner each night. For us, there are a couple of obvious obstacles:

  1. Our schedules are busy (we both work and like to workout in the evenings)
  2. We don’t have a table/indoor space to make this comfortable for our family of six

We decided that our family sitting down together for dinner each night should be a priority . . . even if the meal is casual. So it was time to tackle our two obstacles.

Obstacle #1: We realized as school begins this is the perfect time to arrange our schedules around our new priority. We are establishing our dinner time at 5:30pm (our stomachs are still on central time). Each evening everything (including our workouts) will revolve around our 5:30pm dinner time.

Obstacle #2: Saturday morning we went to garage sales looking for a larger table. We found a patio furniture set at an estate sale that will meet our needs perfectly. (In SoCal outdoor dining is common and preferred.)

So this week we began something that we hope continues daily . . . family dinners around the table.


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  1. Marla permalink

    This is such a great idea and one that your children will pass down when they grow up. I also feel it is so important to sit around the table and just see what everyone is up to. You just never know what you have missed. Good for you and your family for establisihing such an important event in your household.

  2. Thanks Marla!

  3. I love this! We have dinner together every night. Our kids are still little so dinner is often a crazy and messy affair but it is a good habit to get into, and I know family dinners will become increasingly important as our kids grow older!

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