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Small Group Pastor: I want to steal your ideas!!

August 30, 2012

Do you lead adult ministries, a small group ministry, or community life? If so, let’s talk.

In addition to all of the great lessons from mega-churches around the country, I sense important innovation and tomorrow’s ideas for community are being birthed in medium-size churches like yours. So let’s share . . . EVERYTHING.

I’ll start then I’d love to hear what you’re up to!

How do you engage people into groups?

We use a unique “on the spot – during the service” method. (Imagine North Point’s GroupLink in the middle of the message.) It helped us engage 1,000 adults in groups this Fall matching our weekly adult attendance.

How do you prepare new leaders?

You can download a copy of our BFC Group Leader Orientation HERE.

I know you’re being creative and strategically solving obstacles that would help me and others. Share whatever you like in the comments so everyone can benefit. Or, feel free to email me at

Finally, my wife set up our personal camcorder during one of our Group Leader Orientation a couple of weeks ago. If you’re interested, check it out. HERE is the group approach we’re pioneering.

<p><a href=”″>Group Leader Orientation #3</a> from <a href=”″>Mark Riggins</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

  1. As a SGL coach we constantly heard “I didn’t know…” comments from our leaders because expectations were never set up front. As a result, we developed a training course that falls into our discipleship series (101-501). “501 – Doing Life Together” is designed to provide ministry vision, logistics, expectations and practical tools for leading small group.

    We definitely don’t employ a growth model. Our preference is for a SGL to be a part of a small group and attend 501 before leading. Ideally we’d love to have our leaders also apprentice first, but that is not always possible (rarely possible is more accurate). Be a part of small group to understand our culture within small groups. Attend 501 so that you enter into small group leadership without lots of questions. Apprentice to see how everything fits together and to learn in a safe environment.

  2. Jeremy I love how intentional you’re being to prepare leaders. I’d love see your “501 – Doing Life Together” material. I’m sure I could learn from your experience. Thanks Jeremy!

  3. Hey Mark,
    We’re doing a series of trainings that take people from ”I have no idea how to lead a small group” to being able to coach other leaders. Pretty excited about being able to take new leaders somewhere with our trainings. It also gives me greater freedom to take a risk on unproven leaders.

    • Ben I love this concept. Leadership development is such a critical factor in groups having sustained growth. Would love to hear more about this!

  4. Great stuff man! I didn’t watch all of the video, but I’m sure it was all as good as what I saw. You’re looking pretty slim too! Keep it up!

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