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Connected but not plugged in

September 10, 2012

Last week I walked into the living room early in the morning carrying my cup of coffee. While rubbing my eyes I looked down and laughed at what I saw. Intending to charge my computer, I had connected my power cord to my computer but I hadn’t plugged the power cord into the electrical outlet. Connected but not plugged in.

Do you live like that sometimes? I do. You know you’re connected but not plugged in when you . . .

. . . haven’t had your coffee. 🙂

. . . spend time with your kids but find yourself glancing at your phone.

. . . have conversations about sports, weather, politics but nothing else.

. . . allow yourself to experience community but avoid transparency.

. . . are pouring into others but no one is pouring into you.

. . . have forgotten ‘why’ you are serving.

. . . can’t remember the last time you took a risk for God.

Choose to be connected AND plugged in with your God, your mission, your family and the people God places in your path today.

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