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Trusting God without Loving Him

September 18, 2012

Last summer Ginger and I prayed more than ever. We stood face-to-face with an extreme crossroads in our lives. We needed to decide which ministry position to pursue located in different parts of the country. Our decision felt life-altering. Praying often was easy and necessary.

We needed answers so we leaned on the person we trusted most: God.

God answered our prayers and revealed His beautiful will.

Recently, I sensed that my prayers have been less intense and regular. Why? The answers I need feel less pressing and less urgent. Then I wondered if God asks, “Do you just want answers or do you want a relationship?”

I lean on Him during the storm because I trust Him. I lean on Him during the calm because I love Him.

Learning . . .

  1. I’m still confused. Are you saying you trust God without loving him (as the title seems to suggest) in the hard times? I don’t think that’s right at all. Maybe I’ve just misread.

    • Hey Trey I did not mean to imply that I do not or did not love God rather trust alone does not automatically, reveal love. I do believe it’s possible to trust without love. For example, I can trust the government without loving it, etc. I’m personally seeking a deeper relationship (more love) with God for reasons beyond His trustworthiness. Make sense? Thanks Trey!

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