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2 ways you can support your Lead Pastor immediately

September 27, 2012

“Accomplish your dreams by helping enough others accomplish theirs.” – Zig Ziglar

As the point leader, your Lead Pastor is given a unique perspective of the church. Yet he carries the heaviest burden of anyone in the church. As a staff pastor, there are two immediate ways you can support your Lead Pastor:

1) Clarify his expectations for you

Get a one-sentence job description from your pastor. My pastor gave me the greatest gift a staff pastor could ever receive: a one word job description. When he gave it to me I thought it was Christmas morning!

A one-sentence job description is not easy. It takes a lot of energy and time to develop a one-sentence job description. Nothing else gives greater clarity. It’s worth it. Do it. You’ll be glad you did. (Remember, it is not supposed to be complete.)

2) Deliver on this!

Once expectations are clear, you gotta deliver.

Develop your strategy by consulting with ministry peers around the country who are being effective. Let them know your one-sentence job description along with your ministry strengths and challenges.

Develop an initial strategy. Share the initial strategy with your Lead Pastor and get his input. Discover who on the team is strategic and bring them into the process regardless of their place on the org chart. I’m blessed to have an incredibly supportive and strategic Executive Pastor.

Share the new strategy and vision with key leaders within your ministry who will help you deliver!


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