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A Year of Gratitude

October 4, 2012

We moved our family from the great state of Texas to the beautiful coastal town of Ventura, California last October. Our first year has included so many new things. 

Last Monday we asked our kids to make a list of the things they have most enjoyed about living in California. Then we grabbed a pizza and drove down to the beach where we read our lists to each other. It was a fun evening!

So I thought I’d share a few of our favorite things about our new home:

Madison (4 year old daughter)

Jade and Jayna (neighbor friends)

Lincoln (7 year old son)





(Bad thing = fog)

Kennedy (9 year old daughter)

Ocean breeze

Ocean sunsets


Dates w/Linda (wonderful adult mentor)

Amusement parks

Reagen (11 year old daughter)


Everything’s green

Nice people


Fresh produce


Beautiful weather

New friendships with good and encouraging people

Regular dates with Mark

Running my first 10K

Museums, parks, and shopping



Fresh, cool ocean breeze

Church and church leadership team

Dinners/coffees outside

Pacific Time Zone (don’t have to stay up late for games)

Our family adventures

Mountains reflecting different colors

Love hearing my family share some of things they enjoy about the area where God has placed us! We are so grateful for an incredible first year!


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  1. I love this post!!!!! We are so glad that God brought your family to Ventura! Reading this today made me smile. You have great kids!

  2. Rick Wiley permalink

    An inspirational story and family making wonderful memories!

  3. Thanks Rick! Hope you and Donna are doing well.

  4. Marla permalink

    Shame on Texas!! No In N Out???

  5. Chuck Grace permalink

    You and your family are so loved by so many in our fellowship. Your leadership has been producing great fruit. We hope that you all find more and more things you love about Ventura. BTW, The fog is not so bad as the incredibble heat in Texas. I went to college at UTEP.

    • Thank you Chuck! Our family recognizes how blessed we are that God chose to land us at BFC. I agree, the fog’s not so bad. 🙂

  6. Connie permalink

    Everyone at BFC is grateful for the Riggins family! Happy 1 yr anniversary!

    • Thank you Connie. Everyone at BFC is grateful for the ministry continuing legacy of the Wellik family!

  7. Phyllis Hamilton permalink

    Mark, You and Ginger and the children are SUCH an answer to our prayers! We are seeing God’s added blessings that He has given us through your minstry to the BFC Family, day by day. May you all continue to find new things that please you about Ventura and the Body of Christ at BFC!

    • Mark Riggins permalink

      Thanks for your encouragement Phyllis. We are so encouraged to see God’s hand on so many people. We are grateful He led us here.

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