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Beneath your hurt

October 11, 2012

Has someone hurt you? Do you think about them often? Do you find that you unintentionally direct many of your conversations back to you and your hurt?

I know your pain. It hurts. It can become the filter through which you see the entire world. It’s exhausting.

Beneath the hurt there is an important belief that either provides needed hope or piles hopelessness on top of your hurt weighing you down further.

Here’s the issue you must decide: Do you believe your hurt is purposeful?

If you believe your hurt was unnecessary and pointless, you will pile hopelessness on top of your hurt. That’s a super heavy weight!

However, if you knew that today’s hurt was certain to grow you, that underlying purpose alone would provide hope. It wouldn’t remove the pain but it would remove some of the underlying hopelessness.

For example, if your shoulder hurts because you have a degenerative joint that’s inoperable and there’s no relief in sight that is pain without hope. However, if your otherwise healthy shoulder hurts after a good workout that’s pain with purpose. The same level of pain can be experienced in two different ways based on rather or not I perceive the pain to have purpose.

So beneath your hurt, what do you believe?

Here’s what I believe: Your pain can and should grow you. Your pain is the onramp for your personal growth. In fact, people who almost crush you provide you the greatest opportunity for growth.

So you could say to the person who hurt you, “You shouldn’t have hurt me. But I’ll be better off because you did.”

Gen. 50:20 “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

There is a sweet sense of victory when you turn your painful experiences into an opportunity to glorify God.

Beneath your hurt flickers a tiny but powerful flame called purpose.


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