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Be courageous and leap. But first listen to Felix Baumgartner.

October 16, 2012

Chances are by now you’ve witnessed the amazing video of Felix Baumgartner jumping from the edge of space. If not go to YouTube and enjoy.

My heart leaps every time I watch Felix jump. The man jumped from the “edge of space”!

In the moments before he jumped, with his nerves on complete edge, there were two sublte things in place that I found fascinating. Felix Baumgartner teaches us that two things MUST be in place prior to our leap of boldness:

1. Develop & Review a “pre-jump” checklist. 

The checklist helps ensure that nothing is overlooked risking the operation’s success. The task is too important to rely on memory.

Before your event, your project, or your presentation do you have a checklist to review?

In his book, Communicating for a Change, Andy Stanley reveals his pre-sermon checklist which includes 5 questions: 1) What do they need to know? (Information), 2) Why do they need to know it (Motivation), 3) What do they need to do? (Application), 4) Why do they need to do it? (Application), & 5) How can I help them remember? (Reiteration).

2. Don’t jump alone.

In addition to the team at mission control offering support, I love the encouragement the man with the mic offers: “that a boy Felix”. That must have been invaluable to Felix. Despite the distance, he wasn’t alone.

Leadership will often feel like a leap. But you shouldn’t leap alone.

You’re going to be bold and lead. It’s part of your God-given DNA. So be bold! But don’t take unnecessary risks and don’t go alone. Oh, and don’t forget the parachute!


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