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What Kind of Old Man Will You Be?

November 29, 2012

Jack Hayford

Last week I was walking through a store with my family and I recognized a fellow shopper as Jack Hayford (pastor, author, songwriter). I introduced myself and he was as kind and gracious as a person could be. He’s 78 years old and looks great.

Like a star-struck teenage girl after a Jonas Brother’s Concert, I immediately tweeted “I just met Jack Hayford!” Immediately, a couple of people responded sharing how his ministry had impacted them or their family in a profound way.

Zig Ziglar

Yesterday, Zig Ziglar died at age 86. I’ve listened to so many of his podcasts and love how he motivated people with a common-sense approach and constant humor. But more than his incredible success, I was impressed that he seemed to be a kind and gracious man.

I’ve decided that one of my goals in life is to become a kind and gracious old man.

I’m guessing kind and gracious old men prioritize God first, are family-focused, hard working, helping others and quick forgivers accompanied by a joy for life.

Maybe you can add to this list?

I admire these men and am grateful for their example.


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  1. Laurie McCoy permalink

    As the wife of a kind and gracious old man, I feel sort of qualified to add to the list. In conjunction with his focus on God, he continues to seek God’s direction as the passage of years alters his days. He maintains his sense of humor, learning to laugh at things that would once have caused him a lot of angst. And he holds his personal desires loosely as he focuses on the needs of those he loves. It is an honor to live with a kind and gracious old man.

  2. Laurie I’m so grateful you shared this! It is super helpful. Gary’s picture should be in the dictionary when a person wants to define kind and gracious. I love your insight Laurie. Thank you.

  3. arlonne permalink

    I would add encourager….my husband is such an encourager to me, to his family, to those in his life in other ways. It’s a gift that is freely given by him, and he helps me in so many ways because of it! 🙂 He is wise, and he is so gracious…and he ALWAYS has time for his grandkids!

  4. Arlonne that’s (encourager) a great addition to our list! Jack is certainly kind and gracious. In fact, he encouraged me in a big way yesterday. He (ya’ll) are one of the reasons we knew God was leading us to Ventura. Thanks Arlonne!

  5. Chuck Grace permalink

    As an older guy I would like to add focus. It seems easier to be distracted as my years increase. However, if I clearly define my goals (Caroyln writing everthing down for me) I find goals are reachable. I remember that when my father died he had left so many thing undone. When you are a senior the definition of long term goals changes. It occured to me how things have changed for me when I was at Home Depot yesterday buying some caulking. The more expensive stuff said it was good for 45 years. I bought the cheaper tube.

  6. Good addition Chuck! Thank you.

  7. Chuck Grace permalink

    One of the questions I have for the discipleship group is “if the average person lives to 75, how many more years do you have to share the Gospel?” I sobering question. My answer is 9.

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