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Simple Things

December 10, 2012

You may have some tough stuff in your life right now but you’ve got some good stuff too.

Stopping to list the little things is always helpful for me. Here are some simple things I’m really enjoying right now:

simple joys


I love hearing Ginger grind the coffee beans in the morning and then walking into the living room to ask me, “How’d you sleep last night?” I know conversation and coffee follows.


I love watching Reagen do a perfectly straight handstand. Reagen and I usually drive home together from church and I love hearing her tell me about her morning at church.


I love watching Kennedy do a graceful one-handed cartwheel. I love when Kennedy “gets” a somewhat sophisticated joke and flashes her beautiful smile.


I love watching Lincoln throw the football with a perfect spiral. I love when Lincoln encourages his sisters with his high-pitched voice.


I love hearing Madison sing with her natural vibrato and beautifully soft tone followed by her “belly laugh”. I love how Madison subconsciously rubs her blanket while she’s watching cartoons.

There are bigger things to be thankful for but today I’m enjoying the simple, wonderful things. What are some of your simple joys right now?


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