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Want your kids to have epic faith? Here’s a resource.

December 17, 2012

You are the greatest spiritual influence on your child.

That sentence might be important enough to re-read.

How are you influencing your child spiritually? If I’m honest, I gotta say, “I’m busy, often tired, and not terribly creative”.

I was enjoying a salmon salad last Wednesday at Bandit’s BBQ in Camarillo, CA. Across the table was my new friend Tim Smith. Tim’s a family coach, speaker, and author.

We spent the hour getting to know each other and discussing an event idea for next year. At the end of our lunch, Tim generously gave me a copy of his brand new book. He told me a little bit about it, I thanked him, and we went our separate ways.

As I thumbed through the book this weekend, I got more excited. “Tim really gets it!”, I thought. This book is for parents who want to raise Godly kids but are busy, often tired and not terribly creative.

52 Creative Family Time Experiences52 Creative Family Time Experiences helps you discover fun and creative ways to share spiritual truths while spending time together as a family.

It includes experiences for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

I highly recommend parents and grandparents purchase this book (just click on the book cover graphic). Remember, you are the most important spiritual influence on your child. (Duet. 6:5-9)

You can follow Tim on twitter (@ParentsCoach) or


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