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2012 in 12 Words

December 27, 2012

Sheltered from the 32 degrees outside, our family sat at the breakfast table inside our cabin outside of Yosemite this morning. As we devoured breakfast burritos, I handed everyone a blank sheet of paper and a pen. I asked them to describe their year in twelve words. Everyone happily played along.

Afterwards, we voted on one word that described our year and one song that represented our year. A little odd? Yes. I want to help my kids develop a heart of gratitude and a bigger perspective.


Riggins 2012 word: Adventurous

Riggins 2012 song: Beautiful Things by Gungor

Madison’s 6 words:

Disneyland was fun, yosemite was scary

Lincoln’s 12 words: 

New, exciting, fun, almost the best, disneyland was fun, yosemite was too

Kennedy’s 12 words:

Happy, sad, nervous, excited, grateful, cold, hot, wet, amazed, snow, new, astonished

Reagen’s 12 words:

California, fun, adventurous, Lightforce, Gloria, Victoria, worried, blessed, Back to the Manger

Ginger’s 12 words:

Thankful, blessed, new life, healing, magnificent, growing spiritually, running, exceptional people, adventurous

Mark’s 12 words:

Dates, fitness, forgiveness, family prayers, Mom’s visit, San Francisco, Grand Canyon, Disneyland, Yosemite.

This was a fun/clarifying exercise for us. Now we’re off to add to our list.

How about you? What would your 12 words be?


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