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5 most read blogs from 2012

December 31, 2012

Here are the five most viewed blogs from this year:

1) After the failure, hurt, and disappointment . . . 

A BIG hurt, failure, or disappointment is usually followed by a “season of silence”. This season can last days, months, or years. It is difficult. It is lonely. In the end, it is meaningful.

2) With this one statement you could change your kid’s life

As a parent, you want to raise kids who are “comfortable in their skin” and have the confidence to pursue extraordinary things for God. I want to share a statement you can begin telling your kids today that can make a HUGE difference in their future confidence.


3) How to properly ignore people

Truth: As a leader you must ignore some people.

No leader I know enjoys this but people who try and listen to every opinion and respond to every criticism aren’t leading.

Truth: As a Christian you read that Christ died for ALL.

God the Son died for every person, everywhere. Including the people who criticize you.

How do you manage the tension of these two truths? Here are 2 ways to properly ignore people as a leader AND a follower of Christ:

4) The most effective way to walk away from God

Wanna walk away from God? Let me help. Seriously, I’m going to give you a proven method. This is THE surest way to walk away from God. It is found in these 3 simple words: Live life alone. That’s it! Guaranteed to “work”. According to Hebrews 3:12-13, living life alone significantly increases your likelihood of walking away from God. Here’s how it happens…

5) Struggling to read your Bible everyday? Embrace it!

I struggle to read my Bible everyday. I know – I’m a pastor and admitting that struggle makes some uncomfortable. Since I believe it’s the authority for my life and the living words of God . . . well . . . reading it daily makes pretty good sense. But I struggle. But I’m not discouraged. Here are three reasons I now embrace my struggle…


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