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Short video of our small group chatting last night

January 24, 2013

Has God used others to encourage you? If so, how?


Last night Ginger (my wife) shot some video of our our small group as part of a larger video project in the works. We were answering the question “Has God used this group to encourage you? If so, how?”

We had fun with it so I thought I’d share the 7 minute “raw footage” video (BTW, we missed you last night Matt & Leslie!):

So how about you? Has God used others to encourage you recently? If so, how? I’d love to hear from you today.

  1. Jack Monroe permalink

    What a great idea!


  2. Chuck Grace permalink

    That is special group that they would be open to being taped. I don’t think I would attempt that with our group but worked well with yours. Thanks for sharing, BTW what book are you using?

    • They are a special group. “Everybody’s Normal ‘Till You Get to Know Them” by John Ortberg. Thanks Chuck!

  3. L O V E T H I S!

  4. arlonne permalink

    Mark, this is a special group! 🙂 Tell them thanks for us that they were willing to let you do this!!!

    • They’re great people becoming good friends. I’ll pass along your encouragement. Thanks Arlonne.

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